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“The Construction Training Fund provides funding support for training of eligible workers in the construction industry. We acknowledge the support of the Construction Training Fund in reducing the costs of training for eligible workers.”

General conditions of eligibility for Construction Training Fund grants and subsidies

Eligibility for Construction Training Fund Direct Indenture Grants, Supplementary Skills/OH&S Program subsidies and additional benefits is dependent on an individual’s or company’s ability to demonstrate primary and substantial direct involvement in Western Australia’s construction industry, specifically in on-site construction, installation and fabrication activity.

Eligible individuals must be: 
• Directly employed in the building and construction industry in Western Australia
• Directly employed by residential construction companies or construction companies undertaking relevant projects in Western Australia
• Self-employed and undertaking work which is directly involved in the construction process

Where eligibility of an applicant is in question the Training Fund will seek evidence of eligibility via review of a detailed, recent work history and/or evidence of employment.

Ineligible companies/individuals include:
• Government departments, agencies and Government employees
• Mining, oil, gas and mineral exploration companies
• Companies that manufacture, supply or deliver building products
• Companies that manufacture, supply, deliver or install non-building products after completion of the construction process
• Companies that perform minor maintenance, repairs and/or inspection of elevators and escalators
• Companies that provide maintenance or repairs of a minor nature after the construction phase
• Carpet laying or floor covering companies and contractors

Unemployed participants 
If an individual is unemployed at the time of undertaking a short course recognised by the Training Fund, they must be able to:
• Demonstrate that they were directly employed in the construction industry in Western Australia for a minimum of six months, within 12 months prior to the date of course commencement;
Or if no recent work experience is involved:
• Have written evidence of a relevant employment offer from an eligible company or contractor in the construction industry prior to commencement of the training course
Unemployed participants may be required to provide additional documentation to assist the Training Fund to process a claim. 

Although the definition of construction refers to ‘on-site’ activities, under certain conditions subsidies may also be provided to workers whose normal duties may not always require them to attend site on a daily basis. Service providers to the building and construction industry may be eligible for subsidised training in occupational health and safety.

The final determination regarding eligibility rests with the Training Fund

See -  Eligibility Guide for further clarification >> Eligibility Guide


Training Fund Rebate Amounts

Metropolitan delivery: The subsidy to eligible trainees is $30 per hour (to a maximum of $240 per eight hour day, or 70% of the actual course cost, whichever is lower) towards an eligible course. The maximum amount that can be claimed per employee, per course, is $1,300.

Regional delivery: The subsidy to eligible trainees is $33 per hour (to a maximum of $264 per eight hour day, or 80% of the actual course cost, whichever is lower) towards an eligible course. The maximum amount that can be claimed per employee, per course, is $1,700.


Advertised course cost  $850  $900  
Hours of training  16  16
Subsidy @ hourly rate  $30 x 16 = $480 $33 x 16 = $528 
Subsidy @ % rate  70% x $850 = $595  80% x $900 = $720 
Subsidy to be paid  $480  $528 


Further information about the Construction Training Fund and its programs can be made available through the following contacts:





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